Training and Development

Earle Fellowship

Rowan University

In 2014, Earle formed an exclusive relationship with Rowan University through the Earle Family Fellowship Program. The joint effort supports a paid summer internship program for students seeking engineering, construction management, and accounting degrees. Our goal is to offer permanent employment opportunities at Earle upon graduation.


Earle is currently registered with one of the industry’s leading federally-approved apprenticeship programs, which allows us to send our employees offsite to cutting-edge classroom and trade-specific hands-on training. In addition, we conduct on-site apprenticeship training in which our employees learn from experienced trade professionals in real-life environments.


Attracting young talent has always been a high priority at Earle, with nearly 60 percent of our workforce under the age of 35. We actively recruit interns in all areas of study, from high schools and colleges throughout the tri-state area, and provide dozens of intern opportunities each year. Our internship program is structured to give students exposure to at least five different areas of our business under the watchful eye of our management, and provides them the opportunity to discover what interests them most as they choose a career path. The program has led to the hiring of dozens of our best and most successful employees.